" This place is not less then any spiritual place. It gives lots of strength and will power to grow in life and to get to know yourself from within. Hypnotherapy is truly a blessing for the ones with low esteem, as it makes you stronger from within, and I found this after getting few sessions from Dr.Manish , I could sense my decision making and confidence - both were improved, and I was doing better day by day. This has been the best experience for me. Thank you for everything Dr. Manish , Keep continuing such a great work. And really heartful thanks to Shami who is very helpful throughout my journey here and always checks on me like family. Regards. " 





" The therapy with Manish came up because of a headache and it was great to let me subconscious body speak rather than the physical body. The incidents and emotions occurred during the session were unexpected but you can’t lie to your body because it has memories. Grateful for Manish to guide me through the session and get acquainted to know the part of me that I may not be fully aware of, would recommend to everyone! " 


TERESA LI * * * * * ( 5/5 GOOGLE RATINGS )


" Amazing place, Got great vibes. " 






" It is awesome Therapy For Pain Management... Thank You Swa-Darshana (Manish Khernar) For Making My Sister's Life so Easy... Again Thank You So Much ? " 





" Must try for holistic healing and real +ve energy ... " 





" This is the best therapy for any problem.. superb it helps me a lot thank u so much.... " 





" Nice Visit " 






" Place for curing and upgradation of inner health by hypnotherapy and counselling " 




" Friendly atmosphere and a true person " 





" Doctor and the whole other team doing a commendable job... They will help you to deal with many of your problems here... A must visit... ? " 



" What you need for a days work? Energy. This was what i was missing. Since Oct 18 for 6 month post recovery from an illness, i was continuously falling ill and having energy drain, which had been affecting my work. The focus and concentration was almost depleted. I contacted DR. Manish Khernar, as i found he offers alternate therapy for improving your physical and mental health. I did a one to one session with him for about 30 minutes in which i explained my current issues. He checked my body health and found energy blockage due to high dosage medicine i had taken during illness. He designed a meditation program for me of 20 minutes to be done daily. He did a session explaining how to perform and trained me for the same. Now its just 7-8 days i have been performing the meditation and have seen the results. My energy is back and have improvised on my work, business engagements and travel. It feels the energy never drains, have now sound sleep, excitement to complete the work and no laziness. Most importantly, my skin issues have already started clearing up which i was earlier on medication. I thank Dr. Manish Khernar from bottom of my heart for helping me to get me back on energy. Perhaps now I know how Narendra Modi or Amitabh Bachchan could perform so energetically even at this age. Because it is about managing energies!" 


ARUN JOSE * * * * * ( 5/5 GOOGLE RATINGS )

" I am from a small village of Assam working in Ahmedabad away from family and the beauty and peace of my home land. When I was in assam I had problem of depression and severe anxiety since few years and I took some psychiatrists help also there. But due to the fear of side effects of psychiatric medicines I didnt take them for long. But when I happen to shift to ahmedabad, I was already scared due to my psychological issue. I knew due to the hectic schedules and loneliness in Ahmedabad my problems will get severe. I was praying my God thimpu to take care of me, and co-incidently I met a gentlemen during my train travel. He recommended me to visit Swa-Darshana Hypnotherapy centre he was as if fan of Swa-Darshana. I thought he was exaggarating so I didnt take it seriously. But as anticipated, my problem became severe after few months and then one night I suddenly remembered Swa-Darshana, and I decided to visit the next day. And in the first meeting itself I found the place and people are full of love there and the love is the ultimate healing force of the universe. Manishsir understood with out my request that I had financial problems so he gave me therapies saying dont worry about payment get cured first, he said he has special respect for the people of north east. I have just taken two sessions including my introductory session. And now I can say my problem has solved around 80%. I never thought cure of depression without medicines could have been so easy. I wonder just in the meeting of few hours how they establish so deep relationship with us that it seems they are known to us since ages. Shami madam is very caring and Manish sir is very professionally and technically sound one can share any thing with him with open heart. I am thankful to that gentleman who met me in train he must be an angel sent by god. Before it was similar to death, and now i walk as me ! I have searched and watched many videos on youtube like easy steps to get rid of depression and 10 steps to cure depression and anxiety, did my best to follow them but now I can say just a single sentence from a professional worths thousand times more than those videos. Dont try to solve your psychological issues on your own hire a professional you may not know your psychological problem is emotional problem or mental problem or spiritual problem." 




" Best Counseling center all treatment under one roof...,.Amazing help by well experienced doctors. thanks " 







" Hypnotherapy is such a big word to understand n very deep indeed, my story says it all, It started in last december, 2018, I was badly suffering from a rejection in a relationship was devastated, worn out, broken into pieces n full of pain n agony, untill one day I found that I can be cured through hypnotherapy n started my search, Swa-darshana was found instantly in a click n then there my journey took a twist , after just few sessions only, I was living my life back again which I had stopped living it before few months, therapies like past life regression and depression management under Manishsir's guidance were one of its kind, am so happy to find Swadarshana and Dr. Manishsir, he is the reason of my smile today n he is the reason for my living, I met my ownself at Swadarshana, a most fantastic experience of all , and I am a new me now, facing life with confidence, living personal n professional life wonderfully balanced, living life without any fear n phobias and smiling and can thank daily to make this happen to me giving me complete wisdom n vision for the life time. I am glad we met. Thanks a lot once again Dr. Manish n Team. " 



" થોડા સમય પહેલા અંગત સ્ટ્રેસ અને નકારાત્મકતા થી પીડાતો હતો. તેના માટે એક મનોચિકિત્સકની મદદ લેવી તે મારા માટે એક અઘરો નિર્ણય હતો.મિત્રો ને ખબર પડશે તો તે મને ગાંડો તો નહીં ગણે ને તેવા નકામા સંકોચને કારણે મારે ઘણું લાબું મનોમંથન કરવું પડ્યું જેમાં મેં ઘણો સમય બગાડ્યો. અને તેમાં પણ હિપ્નોથેરાપીસ્ટ ! પણ ઈન્ટરનેટ પર હિપ્નોથેરાપી ના ઘણા ફાયદાઓ વાંચ્યા પછી હિંમત કરી સ્વદર્શન ના સેન્ટર પર પહોંચી ગયો. પણ પહેલી મિટિંગ થી જ મને ખાત્રી થઈ ગઈ કે મારે અહીં વહેલા આવવાની જરૂર હતી,મારો ડર અને સંકોચ 100% ખોટો હતો. હિપ્નોથેરાપી એક ટ્રીટમેન્ટ કરતા એક યાત્રા વધુ લાગી, જે સતત ચાલતી રહેવી જોઈએ.હું જે પ્રોબ્લેમ ના સોલુશન માટે આવ્યો હતો તે તો 2 - 4 સેશન માં ભુલાઈ પણ ગયો અને મારો જાણે દુનિયા જોવાનો નજરીઓ જ બદલાઈ ગયો ! જો તમે આ વાંચવા સુધી પહોંચી ગયા છો તો તમે ખરેખર આ યાત્રા ના પ્લેટફોર્મ સુધી આવી ગયા છો એક વાર ટ્રેન માં બેસી જુઓ..મનિષ સર નું કહેવું છે બધા ના અનુભવો તદ્દન અલગ અલગ હોય છે, તેથી હું મારો અનુભવ અહીં લખું એનો મતલબ નથી, પણ એટલું ચોક્કસ કહીશ કે અહીં સુધી આવ્યા પછી આ અનુભવ લેવાનું ચૂકશો નહીં. ઈમોશનલ સમસ્યાઓ પર પ્રોફેશનલ મદદ લેવી એ ગાંડપણ નહીં પણ સુપર ઇન્ટેલિજન્ટ વાત છે."




" Swa-darshana give me better energy to come back from depression. "



" I was emotionally very disturbed when I first came to Swa-Darshana. Mr. Manish Khernar patiently listened to all my problems and prepared customized therapy sessions for me. The staff of Swa-Darshana is friendly and understanding. Swa- Darshana has changed my life for the better. I now live a life which I always dreamt of. The world needs more beautiful people like Mr. Manish Khernar and Ms. Shami Shah.

Thanking You from the bottom of my heart Mr. Manish Khernar. "




" All members of Swadarshana were Very co-operative. Sir was very dedicative to help us as he can. They share something with us, we share something with them and like a way They make us feel like very homely so at that first point we feel something very better. " 









" It's was an amazing experience talking to Sir, He understands everything and helps to identify the problem in a better way He is very motivating and tackles the problem of people glad that I visited him  " 




" Very helpful and had a very good experience. Manish sir listens to us so nicely and patiently, you feel really good after talking to him. If you are facing problems with your emotions or thoughts, it's really worth visiting this place. Manish sir is very good at his job. Shami, his assistant is also very co operative and helpful. "



"If you are in search of Peace and Calm Ambience, this place called Swa-Darshana is a must visit and trust me that it helped me out, & it will help you surely too. I was too much in stress and pressure because of both private and professional life and so thought of visiting Swa-Darshana and Especially wanted to meet Manishsir as had heard & read about him a lot, wanted to see who he is and how does this magic work on people, & really the magic worked on me too. I could feel the positive vibes even from the first session itself.. doctor's secretory, Shamimadam was also very positive and ever smiling, very co operative & supportive in each way made me feel comfortable and then was my meeting with Manishsir for the second time, wherein I was feeling like I am in the seventh sky and then after very few sessions I was completely a new Me. I could not believe that my stress levels went down and my positivity was so much up and I am thankful to him & Swa-Darshana to upgrade me with so much peace and calmness. I am now completely cured and I de stressed myself in a very positive way for which I recommend people to visit Swa-Darshana once before taking any important decisions of Life. I am much better than what I would have imagined, I am rather thankful to the universe for giving me that problem otherwise I could not have experienced Swadarshana. I would suggest everyone should experience this."









"Few days back, one friend of mine shared a number & gave a strong recommendation and advised me to visit Swa-Darshana for my family issue, and thus I took an appointment for my family and went there. There we met Manishsir who is said to be the best in his subject and he listened to our problems very calmly with sparing full time, gave us few advices after the intro session, which I have been looking for since a long time and then so it happened that we took two – three sessions. Is this Magic ? Yes we do think so, we are one again stress less without anxiety and understood the worth of relationship with each other in the family and we thank you to my dear and near friend and Manishsir for him putting hundred percent efforts and giving us the best therapies as ever. Manishsir is very much in his subject and yes he guides us very well, he is truly a well renowned hypnotherapist and the best counselor not only in Ahmedabad but may be In Gujarat & In India, I would recommend all the people who are suffering from family issues or relationship issues should visit Swa-Darshana once and take advice from Manishsir. It’s worth visiting Swa-Darshana & best part is even though change is rapid but it seems so smooth and seamless. I would say it is not a treatment it is an experience. From my first call to Swa-Darshana to my first visit to their office , my first meeting with sir and each and every therapy session…everytime they touch my heart more deeply and more soothingly. Their processes are so professional and humane it made me feel so much cared and loved as if my life filled with a new freshness. I would also strongly advice to the one who is reading this review, there is absolutely no need to struggle with your emotions or thoughts, you are very close to the solution. God Bless ! " 




" The ambience in the Swa-Darshana centre is very calming and peaceful. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The therapy sessions were also very relaxing. I felt my worries going away gradually and am very satisfied with Manish Sir's sessions. " 



" We generally clean our house, keep our cars cleans. We focus on physical health, go to doctors when a little headache or body pain or fever. Though all of our life we ignore our emotional health, if even we struggle to understand what makes us upset, we talk to our family and friends in hope of getting better. Most of time we do feel good for some time, most of time we don't share considering being judged or misunderstood by others creating void in ourselves, not understanding what's wrong with us while the whole world around us is so happy. The void which attacks our self esteem, our confidence, our happiness just cause we neglect our emotional health. We think we were brave to go through things with a smile but we were losing a battle within, becoming a wounded soldier. Meet your self - Swa Darshana made me understand, the struggle was unnecessary, the fight wasn't needed. I deserve the peace and happiness in my most natural way. "



"Thanks to Manish, I wanted to see someone for my personal reasons , where Google helped me searching and landing up to such a great place Swa-Darshana, but believe me that I really had a mind set that this is not going to work for me, Hypnotherapy is not my cup of tea, when I went for my intro session & met this Man with the best of his knowledge, I was made so comfortable and was able to talk to him for hours together without even a break and landed to a conclusion of taking few therapies, this is how it started and within very few sessions I was about to sort the problems forever and I also figured out that the spiritual nature of the practice was so damn effective that when I close my eyes in a quiet place, the deepest breathing, the visualizations — it was like everything was so magical for the first time experience and then my journey begun so well that today I am so thankful to Manish, A Must Visit, The Well Renowned Hypnotherapist and A Magician ( though he doesn't believe that this is some Magic ). I would not recommend this to anyone as I would not like somebody to visit this place at all and meet my magician and I wouldn't share him with anybody else. He is such a lively ever smiling person with true knowledge of his subject and his guidance is perfect in its way and guide you even in issues/problems whenever and wherever you are stuck. He is my guide, mentor and more than a Guru to me now. I would not say anything else but can thank God, for life can be so wonderful after very few sessions and problems with the Personal and Professional Life are completely sorted and I guess they are gone forever & yes I have given them another address for agony, depression, anxiety, sadness, clutter, negativity, stress, fears, phobia, pain, because I m now happy, contented, ever smiling now for my solutions are better then my problems. Thanks Swa-Darshana & Manish, I m so very grateful to you."




" My journey at Swa-Darshana has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and at the end I came out as the best version of my self ! From that first warm call from Shami (the best human and receptionist ) to the last goodbye hug to Dr. Manish Khernar everything was so good and perfect ! I was suffering from depression for 3 months and I was not expecting that I can be cured just in 2 sessions I am so grateful to Manish Khernar and the whole team for their support! Therapy is fun activity which you enjoy having and keep this good work going Swa-Darshana ! Thanks a lot for helping me cure my mental illness!  "










" The program was lovely and the style of teaching the techniques were also very nice basically it was worth attending the seminar. " 





 Once in a lifetime kind of experience, Must visit. "





" I am Hirawa Patel of grade 9th and i had attended the workshop of 'Art Of Scoring High In Exam' To be really specific, at the starting i actually thought of never attending it but just for the force put by my mom I had to. Before i even stepped a foot in the workshop i was really nervous just cause i thought of how would it be to be there,but to see it now i had enjoyed it to the fullest because it was so magnifying i still live in the memories and of also what i was taught. And to be real it was nothing near to doing study it was only taught how to study and so many other precious lesson we might have just never learnt in our life. I feel so blessed that i had joinned this wonderful workshop with an amazing sir and also an amazing team which was so lively it made my day even more beautiful. Talking about Manish sir he has so much of enthusiasm and energy present in him that I feel it can even make a dead person alive and jumping but I just could not ask for someone better person to be present at the workshop to teach and guide us. In the end the things I had learnt from the two days of workshop are still alive within me. I am more of a better person not just in studies but in my day to day life. And I really hope the person who is reading this please go and visit. Cause I am so sure that it will make out a better person in you. With all love, Thank You- Team Swa-Darshana."



" I, Vedant Vaghela studying in std. 10th, Vijaynagar secondary school would like to share my experience with Swa-Darshana for the workshop attended by me held at Hotel Silver Heights, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad, 17th n 18th November, 2k18. The workshop was termed as " The Art of Scoring High in Exams, When first my parents told me to attend this workshop, I kind of denied, but they forced me to attend and I am happy I attended it! ,Amazing energy, power full tools and techniques useful not just in studies but also in life. It has not just improved my studies but my confidence has also gone high. Inshort thoroughly enjoyed in the two full day workshop n will make the most of it with the amazing techniques n management lessons taught to us by Manishsir, who is an amazing, cool n very friendly person. Anybody can learn so many things with such a kind n professional person with comfort . Team Swa-darshana is really a very cool n best team to be fun with ... Thank you Swa-Darshana ..." 




" Best clinic set up. Ambience is very peaceful and soothing. Very comfortable process. Mr. Manish Khernar knows what he is doing and is very encouraging. Would definitely suggest to visit and have a talk once. You would definitely see the positive changes. Thank you Swa-Darshana!! " 




" I was passing through some family issues n trauma n had no way to go n I was very very much upset n depressed n then I came across Swa-Darshana n when I entered the place itself I got so much relaxed with the ambience n at the reception also I was so nicely welcomed n when I met Manishsir was most amazing n kind hearted n very very understanding n calm n understood my problems n listen to my issues very patiently n then in very few sessions I was back to normal .. thanx a lot for this lovely treatment n for this life time experience ... Thank you Swa-Darshana ." 




" I suffered with many problems, when I went first time there I cried continuosly for 2 hours, after taken a treatment with friendly, supportive and good - hearted Manishsir, I become more confident n happy person in my life. As well Shami and all the team are very encouraging. Thanks a lot. " 





" I am fully satisfied with the Swa-Darshana , I was mentally very disturbed with some personal issues, but with in very few sessions I am perfectly alright. That is amazing, Mr. Manish is very friendly with his patients and staff is also very good and very friendly. And ambiance of the therapy center is also very positive! I wish all the luck to the team for their future prospects ! ".  




" I came to Swadarshana, when I was going through toughest time of life with lot of negative thoughts and disillusioned with life.  At Swadarshana, I am really able to find about myself and understand reality of the life under able guidance of Mr.  Manish.  Mr.  Manish has excellent intuitive insight to identify the issues and planning the sessions accordingly. The environment of  Swadarshana is so peaceful and full of Positive energy.  Mr. Manish knowledge & experience on various topics of hypnotherapy is so good, the meditations he advised & discussions brought lot of positive changes in thought process & life style. I realized, one’s happiness lies within and shall have gratitude towards cosmic forces & everyone.  Now I firmly believe that I was guided to Swadarshana by destiny and as per soul plan. After going through the sessions, I am more positive towards life and started accepting things with understanding everything happen to enable every one of us to discover higher purpose in our life. Ms. Shami coordinated sessions so well and thanks for her positive & friendly follow ups. Swadarshana under guidance of Mr. Manish is right place to start one’s journey towards realising inner happiness and understand self-better (Swa-Darshana)." 



" A great experience at Swadarshana. I was having problem of repeatative,negative and suicidal thoughts. Here I found the solution of my problems and Manishsir taught me how to do self healing and many things. I am thankfull to everyone who bring me here." 



" I was in Abad and out of a lot of curiosity on the subject I met Mr. Manish at Swa-Darshana. It's commendable to meet him and share his knowledge and experience with so much passion for his work. Most important I love the space that he has created where anyone can feel comfortable and ease. Your approach and patience to answer all of my doubts and queries are highly appreciated. Thank you to the entire team and wish you all a great success and may you continue healing people life and bring in joy in their life."



" As its name, Swadarshana made me Swadarshana, made my myself realization and understanding. I had a very different and wonderful experience here. By the guidance of ManishSir and by practicing all guided meditations now I understand Life is simple and beautiful... Thank you very much Manish sir ... And also I am thankful to Shami mam for her great support. All the best Swadarshana. Thank you... " 

SUHASINI HEGDE * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Manish Sir has helped me overcome certain difficulties with ease and very quickly. I learned quite a few techniques to ease the difficult situation which is working wonderfully well. Special mention for Shami Ma'am is must here for her always sweet behavior and rigorous follow-ups. Overall a great place for healing! "

Umesh Sukhwani * * * * * ( 4/5 Ratings )


" It's really a life-changing experience for my brother. Manish sir & Shami mam helped a lot to overcome from his problems. Now my brother feeling relax mind & now he is in a happy mood. Thanks a lot for swadarshana team for encouraging my brother about his problems. Now he will be happy in his family life. Now as per my view it's a great experience for my brother. Thanks a lot, Manish sir & Shami mam. " 

RAVIRAJ PATIL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" My wife had some mood swings issues n depressive thoughts with her teenage life n wasn't able to eradicate it completely, we are very thankful to Google who landed us to the most perfect place n the best therapist n psychologist in Ahmedabad who understood our issue in a very short time like an expert he sorted the problem in surprisingly very fewer sessions. Our issues are completely gone away like magic. We are thankful to Team Swadarshana for helping us the way they have helped others n giving us our normalcy back. Thank you once again!

KIRAN & SANDHYA PATIL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

 "Swa-Darshana": as the name says it is such a blessing which direct and redirect oneself right path of life, healing you not just outside but inside and it is assured to see and feel in just as few as one or two sessions. I was introduced to this place by my sister and me " haven't felt as blessed ever, Manish sir held and showed me a path at the time when I feel I was at lowest of my life. Sir is kindest and most efficient person as he not just help you resolve life issue but show you a guided path which shows your ultimate destination. For me today I feel so light and have overcome and understood how I was misinterpreting my life feelings and emotions. My migraine problem isn't just there anymore and in return, all we have to give is trust and belief in his therapy as it does not include a list of medicine or typical doctor conversation ... If you looking for a solution just surrendered you problems to sir and see the magic happening. The best part is it is not like a paid counselor where you go pay and then find it hard to find hard to express feelings, here it shall be a gradual process and sir being magician he knows exactly what you wanna say it too without you putting it in too many words. For any problems with regular work stress, depression or anything he shall be the guiding light. It will gradually become your happy place as you will find not just solutions, a new self, a new version of you but also on each visit and after the most friendly and smiling staff especially Shami ma'am who will ultimately become your friend who will always welcome with the broadest smile and free hugs and chocolates... Thank you for making me a newer version of me and being my guiding light and sir for being a friend, philosopher & guide. I shall always keep troubling you when I am stuck. Thank you"


AVNITKAUR DHILLON * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Manish sir is very much supportive, understandable and a very good therapist. It is life changing experience at Swadarshana. Initially, I was not ready to go with this therapy but after taking sessions become more confident & positive. I also learned how to deal with emotions. I would definitely recommend others to visit this place. Thank you so much ... Manish Sir. " 


CA SHRIYA BHAVSAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" The journey of this therapy has been quite enchanting, it gave me the strength to stand up on my feet again...Manish Sir was not only my therapist but also became a trusted Guardian... He made this process so much easier for me, so much that it became my favorite thing to do for the whole day..!! He was kind and gentle but also was quite realistic and practical in guiding me through my journey, the whole atmosphere was soothing and I could not have had a better place than this to heal myself... " 


ZEAL CHETARIA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I'd been struggling with depressive phases and an utter lack of motivation which was affecting my day to day quality of life. A couple of sessions in and I'm in a much better space, I feel it's better to reach out and seek help rather than brushing your feelings under the rug. If you're looking for a solution and willing to help yourself this is the right place to go to. "


ADITI BHATT * * * * *( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" I found Swa-Darshana on Google and I am glad that I found it. Before reaching ManishSir I was struggling with confidence issues & issues from the past. The first day I reached Swa-Darshana I was a bit anxious. Receptionist Shami Ma'am was very welcoming and the session with ManishSir was not only comforting but made me realize how hypnotherapy can work like wonders if done with proper guidance and equal participation on our part. We had 3 hypnotherapy sessions together and with every session, I realized the true potential of Our Subconscious mind & mentoring was very good. I think there are certain ailments which can be treated better with hypnotherapy than the conventional system. The nice thing about Swa-Darshana is that they keep in touch with you after treatment. I think people should be open to hypnotherapy and start taking it seriously as an alternative way of healing. Thank you Swa-Darshana and I am looking forward to keep in touch with ManishSir for forever. " 


MANISH GUPTA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" I must say its life-changing experience at Swadarshana. Initially, I was much confused to go with this therapy but after taking sessions become more confident & positive. I also learned how to deal with stressful situation and emotions. I would definitely recommend others to visit this place. Manish sir is very much supportive, understanding and very good therapist in the true sense. Thank you team Swadarshana Manish sir and Shami. "


ALPA MISTRY * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I had a great experience there. The place is very positive and relaxing. The doctor gave full attention to my problems and try his best to resolve them. The staff was also very positive and supportive. I felt very happy and confident after the therapy. I am sure it will help you too." 



SANKET MEHTA * * * * ( 4/5 Google Ratings )

" In today's stressful life due to extreme professional work pressure & lack of time management, we all are deprived of something's called " Sahaj Anand " ie the obvious inner joy which we all already have within us. We label or inner pain as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal mood swings, social anxiety or at times just take it as easy as the inability to manage performance pressure or confidence issue at Swadarshana!" Had a great experience with workplace or relationship issue with spouse & keep on waiting for them to be resolved in their own time. ( But believe me if we keep on running away from them we make our suppressed or repressed negative emotions stronger day by day & one day they come to us as psychogenic diseases or psycho mastic disorders) In my opinion, whatever we name it, the root of it is we are not at peace with our own self, & Swadarshana helped me find inner peace and inner joy was just an automatic outcome of it. & then I realized above psychological issues were nothing but the manifestations of my inner negative emotions only. I accidentally came to know about Swadarshana in a corporate workshop for the stress management n inner well being at the workplace. And I could say, this was beyond motivational training I have ever attended, this was definitely one step ahead of it, Manish sir never uttered a word "motivation" during his entire speech or never used any encouraging story to uplift our moods temporarily l, but still I don't know what hypnotic effect was that and at the end of that corporate session, the faces of attendees were naturally brightened up, may be due to the touch of their inner joy. And it was not a temporary motivation! I thank Swadarshana and Manish sir for helping me meet my own self. Now I know answers of all my emotional issues are within me only. I feel he is the best hypnotherapist and his spiritual counseling sessions couples with past life regression were life-changing for me. In my opinion, everyone should try this, it is worth ...." 

NISARG GANDHI * * ( 2/5 Google Ratings )


" I personally have seen the improvements in my brother and it is great so I specially thanks to Manish Khernarsir for this drastic change happen to my brother with your help.!! " 


FENIL SHAH * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )




TRUSHANT JANSARI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" We had an excellent experience. The meditation technique is working well. The mentoring was fine it helped my husband to reduce stress in future...the place is very positive and the staff is very coordinating ... Must go if u feel lag out in life ! " 

ISHANI NIKET SHAH * * * ( 3/5 Google Ratings )

" Before the treatment, I was in extremely confused stage regarding taking few life decisions. Some belief and misconception took a U-turn, after few sessions. Have learned to manage my anger, and Manish does provide few exercises which can be good practice to face any future discomforting problems. Some peace I do feel coming back to me, which I had lost it after some bad experience in life. If you decide to take treatment under him, make sure you smile him back, as he does it and yes everyone needs it.

Thank you Team Swa-Darshana."


HONEY JOSHI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very Friendly Atmosphere With Positive Vibes, U will get all the problem's solutions in here. Best Therapist "  

Dr. SHITAL VASAVE * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


CHANDRAMAULI SHARMA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Had an excellent experience there ... n ... that Meditation technique is working well for me ... the mentoring was fine ... which helped me to reduce stress over future ... the place is serene and well organized ... " 

MANISH MANGYANI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" It was the most amazing experience. Manish sir is not only a fabulous therapist, he is a great mentor as well. He will lead you to the path of true wisdom & where you can build a magnificent relationship with the most important person in your life, Is your own self. Thank you Manish sir you are awesome " 



RISHABH SHARMA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Good and Supportive Atmosphere. " 

NIRAL SOMAIYA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"I am heartily thankful to Swa-Darshana:-  Got cured in only 3 sessions by Dr. Manish Khernar. 1) Hypnotherapy Session  2) Memory Session  3) Advance Meditation  1. I am feeling energetic, full of positive energies, stressless, peaceful, well focused on my career & my goals. Got rid of depression.  2) The therapy has improved my mental health. I Learned how to Memorize all Things Fast, Easily & Quicker with memorization techniques. 3) Wonderful place to get Relaxation, Learn Advance Meditation. My Experience is Wonderful. With the help of Dr. Manish, I am feeling like I got a new life, & learned a lot about human psychology from him. Dr. Manish is Very friendly. Staff is very supportive, Specially Assistant Mam (Shami) always give the helpful answer for any problems or questions arise. Her nature is very polite. I strongly recommend to visit Swadarshana for Life, I think Dr. Manish is the best psychologist in Ahmedabad. Not only Ahmedabad may be in Gujarat or India. The best part of therapy is its drug-free. There is always positive solutions to any problems & questions, from there we can learn how to face & tackle any difficult situations or circumstances blissfully & we can stay Happy, Live life happily."

JASHVANT RANA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" This is the best therapy to cure inner self without taking any medicine or injection so no side effects... Will recommend going ahead to heal yourself without any fear. Moreover, the staff is very cooperative...
A big thank you :) to Team Swadarshana " 


MEERA GAJERA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" I am heartily thankful to Swa-Darshana:- I was totally fed up with my life, relationship, and with my job. More or less I was in a hell. I searched on Google for the best psychologist in Ahmedabad who can help me to get rid of my depression, mood swing, anxiety, Panic attack and with my relationship which was on dead end. So I got ref of Swadarshana Hypnotherapy center from the google search. I visited Swadarshana and got therapy from Dr. Manish Khernar. It was a miracle. Its take 6 sessions to get rid of all my psychological problems. Now I am feeling blessed. All negativity and all problems in my life suddenly disappear Now I am feeling life, everything seems interesting. Thanks to Dr. Manish and Assistant Shami madam for your support. " 



TRUPTI PANCHOLI * * * * *( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Amazing experience: It was an amazing experience. In our life, actually what we desire, we really don't know and we keep on thinking, being sad about that we didn't get in whole life ... The order placed in the universe is wrongly placed by us ... What we desire is happiness, positivity, life goals, etc instead we always think the opposite n go wrong forever ... Swa-Darshana is one such place where our thinking power, willpower n positivity will be made stronger n stronger & we also can experience that life is full of happiness and is felt by us there ... It's truly a place to visit by each n everyone individual seeking for real inner happiness ... " 
Thank you Swa-Darshana ... 

FALGUNI KHAIRNAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Had Good Experience " 

NIRMIT BHANDHARI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Its a wonderful experience at Swa-Darshana. It's a perfect place to relax. Manish sir helped me a lot, before I was totally depressed, I even didn't know what to do now, so with the help of GOOGLE, I am at a perfect place, where I got all the answers to my problem, So, for this reason, I can say that it is a perfect place to relax & one thing I have learnt whenever some problem is borne , it's solution were also made so don't feel depressed & fight with that problem . "


KAMAL ISHTANI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It's good experience in Swa-Darshana, Tnx to Manish sir and Team. " 


KAVITA ARVIKAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" It was very very nice experience with Swadarshana. My daughter has become more confident now.
Thank you very much Manish sir ... "


ASHISH ARVIKAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Had a wonderful experience at Swadarshana, Manish sir was very calm, positive & supportive, he understood me very well, I am much more confident & positive towards my life now ... I was suffering from my personal issues & struggling to understand why it keeps happening! After going to Swadarshana I've got much more understanding of life & myself ... now I am completely a different person, truly it was a life-changing experience for me again thank you Manish sir & Thank you so much Shamima'am for your throughout the support. "

NEELAM PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It is wonderful to learn and understand ur emotion and how to deal within the time of stress. It helped my daughter to be positive and to be herself and to deal with stress. Also, the service and reception is very well & welcoming " 

Sangeeta Pillay * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It was a good experience! Wid Manish sir and Shami mam! Even Shamima'am is now my best friend¸

Naznin Zaveri * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" My son was going to Swa-darshana for improvement and we have definitely seen it. I have finally seen how he has been staying more positive and engaging. He has actually started working towards his goals and we can see so many positive changes in him. I don’t think words can describe how thankful I am... " 


-> Jagruti Panchal / Ahmedabad , India 

Jagruti Panchal * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very nice experience and everybody should visit. " 
-> Gita Jani / Dubai.

Gita Jani * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Wonderful experience it help me in knowing myself, make me learn about how to handle the different & difficult & most how to really enjoy yourself  & ambience is so friendly it makes u feel calm & you feel good to change in itself within urself  after visiting the place itself totally positive energy & even service at reception is so amicable. " 
-> Urvashi Pillai / Ahmedabad, India.

Urvashi Pillai * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I can sum-up my experience at Swadarshana as "a fresh breeze of positive change". A wonderful experience of peeping into my own self and re-discovering the inner peace and joy was indeed the most reviving experience at Swadarshana. Heartfelt gratitude to Manish sir Special thanks to Shami Madam. " 
-> Hiral Shukla / Ahmedabad, India  

Hiral Shukla * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I must say about Swadarshana "What a wonderful place to relax, laugh, learn how to meditate. Calm and sensible information on dealing with stress, and a range of everyday challenges we all face, is offered in serene surroundings. It has been such a pleasure to attend... thanks Manishbhai..... " 
-> Aradhna Gadhvi / Ahmedabad, India.

Aradhna Gadhvi * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

“ I was beyond impressed with my experience at this SWADARSHANA's office. What a wonderful and a straightforward spell Swadarshana that has brought back joy and happiness into my life!!! Am giving this testimony because am so happy,... thanks a lot MANISH BHAI...THANKS, SHAMMI. " 
-> North Siracha / Ahmedabad, India.

North Siracha * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Dr. Manish helped me a lot and taught me how to stay happy. I had no idea what I wanted to do and how can I stay calm in stressful situations but now I am able to see everything and analyze it and get to the best possible decision according to my knowledge. Which I couldn’t do because of my negative thoughts and mindset. But I’ve become a positive person now and it’s totally worth paying this place a visit. " 
-> Anany Panchal / Ahmedabad, India

Anany Panchal * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" I wanted to come out of my childhood memories as my parents were very orthodox, they loved me but I could only remember their restrictions... I m so gladly, that I could refresh my memories with good experiences...I am thankful to Mr. Manish to revive my self...and thanks to Shammi ... She is a sweetheart very supportive too....thanks a lot for everything ." 
-> Pooja Dey / Ahmedabad, India.


Pooja Dey * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Excellent experience. Very nice analysis and further progress path guidance given by Mr. Manish." 
-> Chirag Lakhani / Ahmedabad , India 

Chirag Lakhani * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It was an amazing experience. Manishbhai helped me to solve all my queries and supported a lot. And it was of a lot of help. He was very supportive and concerned and made me understand things very nicely. Cheers to the team ". 
-> Kavit Gorasia / Bhavnagar & Ahmedabad, India.

Kavit Gorasia * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very good and great experience with Swadarshana " 
-> Bhavin Lakhani / Ahmedabad, India . 

Bhavin Lakhani * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very calm and caring environment,  Absolutely Loved. " 

-> Alpesh Prajapati / Ahmedabad , India. 

Alpesh Prajapati * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I had a wonderful awesome experience. Manish is a great therapist and my regression therapy gave me cathartic experience and vented out much of the hidden pain and hurt. After the therapy, I felt very light and had no discomfort or any kind of hangovers. I would recommend his exuberant therapies to one and all. We all have our suppressed emotions and venting this out helps to refresh and face the world with new vitality. Thank you so much, Manish, for making me go through this entire stress and pain releasing process.  " 

-> Sonia Jain  / Bangalore, India.

Sonia Jain * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I had a wonderful experience Swa-Darshana. Mr. Manish is very knowledgeable, with lots of patience, understanding and thoughtful person and therapist. He was kind enough to take some sessions for me and each session was full of ideas and knowledge that helped me to deal with situations. He has a very well designed program, if followed properly can help one to stay and live happily. Life is almost about creating happy experiences and taking one step at a time. Swa-Darshana has surely helped me in this aspect. I wish all the success to them for this effort. "
Regards ...
-> Ratna Raval / Bangalore , India. 

Ratna Raval * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Recently used this service and I was very pleased with the establishment in the professional and punctual manner the service is offered. Great customer service at the reception and was made to feel very comfortable. " 
-> Moksha Patel / Leicester, United Kingdom.

Moksha Patel * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It was such an awesome experience. at first, I was scared to share my problems with anyone, But sir was very friendly and I opened up myself freely. In the end, it was a blissful experience " 
-> RohitAakash / Ahmedabad, India.

Rohit Aakash * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It's a very good center for those who are suffering from depression and past life regression ... Manish sir is very polite and understanding they listen all things which u want to tell and Shami madam also too good and very polite  " 
-> Mohit Chillana / Surajgadh, India.

Mohit Chillana * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" After many years, I had the experience to know my own self. Which was out of my thinking power. I met & I understood myself & for that, I am very thankful to Manish sir. This was too good to know myself & this was an unforgettable experience of my life. I will never forget this & this will give me positive energy. Thanks again Manish sir and Shamididi ...  " 
-> Falguni Patel / Ahmedabad, India.

FALGUNI PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Recently I visited Mr. Manish Khernar Sir. I was going through with a lot of stress, constant negative thinking, and self-criticism. Sir, listened unbiasedly and analyzed it in a very positive way. I recently have gone through a hypnotherapy. After the therapy, I am feeling very relaxed and positive. I tried to self-criticism after the therapy but I can't. The Staff is very co-operative and supportive. I am very thankful to Sir "



ABHIJIT MANGSULE * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Very co operative and friendly staff " 
-> Pradipsinh Solanki / Ahmedabad, India.

PRADIPSINH SOLANKI * * * * ( 4/5 Google Star Ratings )


" Superb fantastic experience. First time I meet myself in 32 years. I was in the very difficult situation and how they handle me & my situation is unexplainable, Superb I m totally new Sid. Thanks, thanks a lot for my rebirth. My whole life changed n changing very beautiful way after beautiful experience with you. Whole life I m thankful to you. " 
-> Dr. Siddhartha Joshi / Ahmedabad, India. 



DR. SIDDHARTHA JOSHI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Swadarshana has given me a lifetime of experience... It has changed the life of my husband and of course mine too, which was affecting me in a negative way. The therapies given to him was very positive and I strongly recommend to visit Swadarshana for the Life Time Experience and also to live your life in a completely different aspect ... Thank you Team Swadarshana for your loving, warm and caring support always ... " 
-> Hiru Gandhi / Ahmedabad, India. 

HIRU GANDHI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Awesome experience... The truly positive atmosphere and support from Swa-Darshana team.. I strongly recommend taking services of Swa-Darshana... " 
-> Tapan Shah / Bharuch, India. 


TAPAN SHAH * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Hi... It was an awesome experience for this therapy... I m really thankful to Swa - Darshana... This therapy is really helpful for my mother ... Swa-Darshana gives me my mother back ... good job all of u ... Thank you ... " 


-> Viyaan Shah & Aayushi Shah / Ahmedabad , India.

VIYAAN SHAH & AAYUSHI SHAH * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" It was really a great experience. Especially to realize that therapy like self-hypnosis or self-suggestion can really work wonders, although it was hard to believe initially. As it was sounding unimportant thing also initially. But all in all, I must say that the people there are very much supportive and friendly. It has given me new insight to deal with different issues in life. " 
-> Hardik Sheth / Ahmedabad, India.

HARDIK SHETH * * * * ( 4/5 Google Ratings )

" First of all, I got a very prompt response. When I came here, I was under stress. I explained my case and difficulties to Mr. Manish Khernar, who listened to me patiently and in a nonbiased and stable way. He understood things in a holistic way. Hypnotherapy is a subject, for which we have a lot of notions. He cleared the notions and before starting, I was made comfortable and it was explained to me in detail. If required, this can be recorded. It opened up a different perspective on life for me. How imaginations and emotions play an important role in our life, that is the biggest lesson I take away with me. Lots of wishes and blessings to team Swa-Darshana and especially Mr. Manish Khernar. " 
->  Shreya Jambudi / Bharuch, India.

SHREYA JAMBUDI * * * * ( 4/5 Google Ratings )


" Our experience with Swa-Darshana is excellent. It helped me and my entire family in many ways. Our understanding of ourselves as an individual and as a family touched the next level after opting for swadarshana. It has undoubtedly played an instrumental role in bringing joy and success in our lives. I strongly recommend people to opt for this program for their better future. Very positive ambiance and people. And special thanks to Manishbhai for his post-therapy support too. Thank you !! " 
-> Manisha Patel / Ahmedabad, India.

MANISHA PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Swadarshana is an excellent place to visit, very impressive n very helpful in daily lifestyle, it gives a super duper understanding of the concept of life, a must visit the place ... I m so very happy to visit n want to recommend it all of you...all the best !! " 
-> Hiren Prajapati / Nadiad, India. 

HIREN PRAJAPATI * * * * * ( 5/5 Sulekha Ratings )


" Excellent n amazing experience " 
-> Mary Shangjam / Manipur, India.

MARY SHANGJAM * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very good experience with Swadarshana " 
-> Alpesh Diwan / Ahmedabad, India.

Alpesh Diwan * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It has changed my life positively " 
-> Niraj Verma / Ahmedabad, India.

NIRAJ VERMA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Excellent office atmosphere for healing, and amazing knowledgeable personality." 
-> Brijesh Prajapati / Ahmedabad, India.

BRIJESH PRAJAPATI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very good opportunity for kids to sustain and enhance their ability. " 
-> Vipul Dabhi / Vallabh Vidhyanagar, India. 

Vipul Dabhi * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Good job....n lovely human being. .... "


-> Dewal Bajaniya / Ahmedabad, India. 

DEWAL BAJANIYA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Great experience with Swadarshana ...My daughter has become more confident now.
Thank-you. "
-> Poonam Shimpi / Pune, India.

POONAM SHIMPI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Excellent Counseling Manish sir change my relative's life it was an amazing experience and they save their marriage life thanks lots " 
-> Shaival Gandhi / Ahmedabad, India. 

SHAIVAL GANDHI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Working for children and with complete devotion and love is commendable with Manish and Swa-Darshana team ... " 


-> Ranjit Singh / Jaipur, India. 


RANJIT SINGH * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" I was really glad about the way assessment was done for both my girls. I refer to the results often to help myself in bringing up my girls. It also helped my daughter in her stream selection after grade 10.  "
-> Arpita Datta / Gurgaon, India. 

ARPITA DATTA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Excellent Counseling by Manish sir and excellent hypnotherapist. Manish sir changed my life yes  " 
-> Tech Modiji / Maunish Modi / Himmatnagar, India. 

TECH MODIJI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Visited Swadarshana center recently. Very much satisfied with counseling session by Manish Khernar. It helped me by adding positivity to my life. " 
-> Anjal Dave / Ahmedabad, India.

ANJAL DAVE * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" We had Swa-Darshana session for our kids with Manish sir and it was very informative and detailed. We applied the recommendations and seeing the improvements. Highly recommend Swa-Darshana "
-> Umesh Shimpi / Pune, India. 

UMESH SHIMPI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It's great to have support from Swa-Darshana " 


-> Nilesh Chauhan / Ahmedabad, India. 

NILESH CHAUHAN * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It is a must have experience in today's stress full life for kids and parents..it helps kid's overall development in very positive direction. Our future generations require this kind of counseling on regular basis  ...   " 
-> Nalin Rathod / Ahmedabad, India. 

NALIN RATHOD * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" The program of Swadarshana in many ways than one. The real meaning of the program's name can well b realized only after u have taken the program. The development of the program went thru hundreds n thousands of hours of rigorous hard work and pain to realize a very optimum process to understand the complex human mind, it negatives and positives so that the energy can be diverted in the right direction for more successes."

-> Surajit Dutta / Gurgaon, India.

Surajit Dutta * * * * ( 4/5 Google Ratings )


" It was a nice experience with Dr. Manish sir following with its staff and atmosphere filled with full of positive energy... Thx for changing my life. " 
-> Milan Parmar / Ahmedabad, India.

MILAN PARMAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"Great for kids and adults too. Fine tune your attitude in life which will definitely lead to great professional and personal success. I highly recommend this great service and noble cause." 
-> Keyur Mehta / United Kingdom.

KEYUR MEHTA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"Therapy program with Swadarshana has been a great option for me to solve my problems !! Manishsir has helped me a lot to improve my study skills and have relieved all my tensions and made me more positive then I was!! The therapy sessions have been extremely effective for me !! Even time management skills have improved because of Manish sir! Thank you Manishsir and Swadarshana !!"
-> Malav Kothari / Ukraine. 

MALAV KOTHARI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"Good experience, we understand DMIT dynamically at Swa-Darshana, good staff also ." 
-> Himmat Prajapati / Ahmedabad, India. 

HIMMAT PRAJAPATI * * * * (4/5 Google Ratings )

"It's a great experience with a positive energy and a very genuine staff. Thanks for making me feel energetic and mentally peace...."
-> Poonam Harshad Parmar / Ahmedabad, India.

POONAM PARMAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"Great opportunity for kids to gain control over concentration to excel in education. These techniques help any individual to regain control over routines for better managing life. Manish is an excellent teacher, mentor, and guide that one can take him for a long time."
-> Hiren Gami / Ohio, United States of America. 

HIREN GAMI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"This is the second time that Google led me to a perfect place for my need. Some thoughts, some actions and some deeds are so deep routed that we don't even know that they direct every action of ours, all our life. If something is amiss in your life, take an appointment with yourself, meet Manish sir, coz he is a person who'd know what actually is bothering you, even when you feel something else is. I never knew myself in such a good way as I know myself now. I thank team Swadarshan for the great hospitality they've shown, for all the support given and also for the after-therapy feedbacks. I definitely recommend the hypnotherapy sessions. Please keep up the great work that you'll are doing."


-> Hrishma Rao / Ahmedabad , India.

HRISHMA RAO * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

"It's good to have right directions and they help getting one. I would recommend it to others also. Good ambience & very supportive."

-> Bhoomi Prajapati / Ahmedabad, India.  

BHOOMI PRAJAPATI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


"It was a wonderful experience. Never expected that a thought or past can be soo deep-rooted, and was bothering my present life. And moreover, through this therapy, I could understand and learn how to overcome our disturbing emotions. It's a new Gateway to my life. Thanks a lot, for your guidance. It will surely, help me to deal with ups and downs of life."

-> Radhika Pidiha / Durgapur, India.

RADHIKA PIDIHA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" I liked this session because I am now knowing about my good and bad points. I am now aware of my weaknesses and this session has given me how to strengthen the weak points of my life. I am also aware of my good points which will help me to build my future. This session has given me a way to my life. Swa-Darshana has helped me a lot professionally and socially. " 
-> Sudal Sonagara / Australia.

SUDAL SONAGARA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" The program is very impressive and has given us thorough understanding about our life. It is very helpful in our life. After attending Swa-Darshana Parenting program, we are very happy and satisfied and now we know how to tackle our child better and how to be better parent positive feelings have increased about our child, many things which we cannot discuss with friends or relatives were discussed freely here and which led us to the true path. 

Thanks Swa-Darshana! 
-> Mr. & Mrs. Joshi / Uganda.

MR. & MRS. JOSHI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Today's session with Manish was indeed wonderful. This helped us in knowing our children's abilities and their weaknesses. I have personally found a new technique to make my children more interested in their studies and making them remember it. I am sure imbibing these would certainly bring about a change in our family. "
-> Smita Patil / Mumbai, India.

Smita Patil * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" The session today with Manish was really great I got to learn a lot of things which I was unaware of. And all this will surely help my kids a lot. I think it will be great if every parent takes up Swa-Darshana and work towards it for a bright future for their kids. I am indeed thankful to Manish for giving me this knowledge. I will surely implement this knowledge. " 
-> Nagesh Patil / Mumbai, India.


NAGESH PATIL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Swa-Darshana has helped us understanding the mistakes we were committing in our parenting, due to Swa-Darshana the exam results and sports performance of our kid had improved drastically." 
-> Mr. & Mrs. Dharmesh Patel / Ahmedabad, India. 

MR. & MRS. DHARMESH PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Swa-Darshana has helped me a lot in getting rid of my over thinking habits. It has improved level of happiness in me and my family." 
-> Manisha Patel / Ahmedabad, India.

MANISHA PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It was a good decision of choosing Swa-Darshana. We are slightly aware of kids qualities but through this session we could confirm it. Additionally, we came to know some other qualities which can be taken into advantage for their future grooming. " 
-> Kartik Sonavane / Ahmedabad, India 

Kartik Sonavane * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" It is an awareness which should be spread to each and everyone for their betterment and to live a life which they are made for at fullest." 

-> Kiran Ahir / Ahmedabad, India. 

KIRAN AHIR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" I am very happy Now I know what changes I need to make it myself for the betterment of my child. We both were suffering due to this. Now can take care of my child's education also better. Swa-Darshana has solved a lot of questions bothering me. " 
-> Seema Khair / Mumbai, India.

SEEMA KHAIR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Thank you Swa-Darshana for helping me improve my life. Now my family and myself are very happy." 
-> Rajeev B. / Mumbai, India. 

Rajeev B. * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very nice concept. We are very much happy by attending the session of Swa-Darshana. We think that by following advise & suggestions we will definitely change our life & of my son also... " 
-> Bhavin Lakhani / Ahmedabad, India.

BHAVIN LAKHANI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" By Swa-Darshana Program we can really understand that what is parenting and what is our child's ability. We can do the better action for our child's growth and her bright career as well as her social life too. " 
-> Suketu Patel / Ahmedabad, India. 

SUKETU PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Really satisfied with the report and presentation by Manishbhai. Qualities mentioned in the report matches with the qualities of my daughter. I did not have many expectations, but I was wrong. We will definitely implement the action plan given by Swa-Darshana. " 
-> Pinakin Raval / Ahmedabad, India. 


PINAKIN RAVAL * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" The concept of Swa-Darshana is unique and extraordinary.

It will help my family, it also makes us understand how small things are important for the day to day life and growth of the child. " 
-> Neeraj Verma / Ahmedabad , India. 

NEERAJ VERMA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" Swa-Darshana is a correct way to help our family a lot. And it is nice to know where and how to drive our thoughts for betterment. " 
-> Beena Verma / Ahmedabad, India. 

BEENA VERMA * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" The session gave us a good insight into various personality types which will help us understand our life a lot.

The understanding simple concept of C-I Circle is really good.

Swa-Darshana, this name reflects the similar, this gives a good insight into the person." 
-> Mr. Shimpi / Pune, India. 

Mr. Shimpi * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )

" It was an extraordinary experience to go through Swa-Darshana!
It provided us the knowledge about good parenting as well as inner strengths of our daughter.


The way it was presented it gave a good insight into our child's qualities.
Thank You, Swa-Darshana!
-> Mrs. Shimpi / Pune, India. 

MRS. SHIMPI * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Swa-Darshana is a good program which helps us to solve a lot of problems.
Here we can discuss a lot of issues with an open heart.
Swa-Darshana helps parents to understand their children better " 
-> Meena Patel / Ahmedabad, India. 

MEENA PATEL * * * * * ( 5/5 Ratings )

" Would help in better understanding of our child and our role as a parent and its importance.
We became aware of our strengths and weaknesses as a family.
Good explanation skills with examples.
The very effective way of implementation and follow up the process." 
-> Sanjeet & Ananya Sarkar / Ahmedabad, India.

SANJEET & ANANYA SARKAR * * * * * ( 5/5 Google Ratings )


" Very effective for child's development.
Swa-Darshana helps in the holistic development of the child.
Swa-Darshana practically helps us in how to overcome our shortcomings." 
-> Beena Bhatt  / Ahmedabad, India. 

BEENA BHATT * * * * * ( 5/5 Ratings )

" It was really a good experience with Swa-Darshana.
I could identify a lot of hidden abilities of my girls with the help of Swa-Darshana.
The best part was how to handle and polish those traits.
Swa-Darshana is really a great way of knowing a person in a better way and in growing successful and happy life in future."
-> Dr. Arpita Guha / Gurgaon, India. 


DR. ARPITA GUHA * * * * * ( 5/5 Ratings )

" Gave the prospective of seeing the life of son with mental growth potential, Remedial grooming. Took the journey of seeing the self, Learnt how the kid is unique in himself, Got insight on how the kid is by birth what are the different learning styles and how are they mapped for different intelligence for my kid. Learned of what approaches could be taken for flourishing different aspects of my kid. Learning/knowledge on multiple intelligence with personality mapping was very interesting. Helped me in logically concluding of one of my dreams to give PS to my son, within 6 to 8 months of starting the new banners.
-> Pinkal Sheth / Noida, India.

PINKAL SHETH * * * * * ( 5/5 Ratings )

" Swa-Darshana gave me knowledge of a subject which I never knew before, was very useful for my kid for his overall growth and success.  And as a mother what role should I play for his betterment.  Very nice suggestions and details of the report would enhance any one's personality." 
Thank You Swa-Darshana! " 
-> Angira Sheth / Noida, India. 

ANGIRA SHETH * * * * * ( 5/5 Ratings )