Pre Marriage Counselling : ( Couple Counseling ) :

Pre Marriage Counselling : ( Couple Counseling ) :

Yes, though marriage is a big gamble, but proper training can increase your chance to be a winner drastically !! 

Married life is a challenging task, if you dont know the basic rules of the game !!

To live entire life with one individual involves thousands of complexities and numerous challenges and living entire lilfe happily is a matter of skill which can be learnt and developed.

In marriages two completely different individuals with completely different family, educational and psychological backgrounds have to live ( and at times bear ) with each other within four walls of their house. They both have different understanding and expectations from married life in most of the cases even they dont know this clearly.

And trust me happy married life is the master key that can open all the doors of success and happiness for you.

But unfortunately our society never bothered to design a systematic process to get a couple well prepared for marriage before entering in to marriage. To counter this serious bottle neck, we have designed this program which involves below major modules

1.      Understanding eachothers' intelligence and personalities, and adjust your expectation levels accordingly

2.      Understand each others' though process and psychological backgrounds.

3.      Understanding the real meaning of married life

4.      Be careful of double edged swards like...Ego, Family members , Sex etc one has to be properly trained about pros and cons of them or they will end up hurting their own selves.

5.      How meditation and spirituality can enhance your married life experience.

6.      How to practise Tantric Sex to have optimum sexual experience ( Optional and not covered in standard program )


# P.S.: Our therapy sessions are done with both the couples first and then even the individuals for better solutions, from these relationship counseling in all stages of relationship, it can be benefitted to couples who are looking for their emotional connect, petty matters, small negligible issues and misunderstandings can be completely avoided and building up wisdom and understanding for the relationship can be sorted.#