The Art of Scoring high in Exams :

The Art of Scoring high in Exams :

The Art of Scoring high in Exams :


This is a practical workshop of 2 days (Appx 15 hours ) for teen age students ie students from standard VIII to Graduation/PG or even PhD.

No matter at what level people accept it but results of  high school or college exams are the foundation stone of future career. It is very important to win those exams with highest scores.

Now generally a teen age student doesn’t know all his strengths and how to use all the strengths in improving exam results. Generally student keeps the exams limited to logical grasping and memorizing  but there are so many other energies like imagination, emotion , subconscious mind etc and students dont know how to use them practically.

We also give proper practical training on other important aspects like memory training ( to sharpen the memory with simple tools and techniques ), time management, energy management, how to read, how to do revision, sleep management (to get maximum rest in minimum sleep ), self-motivation, mood management, self-hypnosis, instant energizers and many other aspects.


This workshop will potentially change entire study process of student and gives drastic improvements in the results.


Advance Memory Techniques 

Time Management Techniques 

Sleep Management 

Energy Channelization 

Using Power of Sub - Conscious Mind 

Distraction Management 

Emotion Management 

Smart Study Tools 

Instant Energizers 


Self Hypnosis 

Realization of Goals with the Law of Attraction Exercise