Individual Counselling :

Individual Counselling :

It is completely normal and healthy habit to regularly get professional psychological counselling.

This is not about mental problem or psychological disorder; this is about getting rid of stress and live life at the full throttle. Feeling Depressed, Feeling Stressed, Feeling Low, No Problems , We are here ... 

Everyone needs counselling. This helps us to lighten up our hearts. We all need someone who listens to us with patience and empathy. Everyone always needs such companion. But during the busy lives of current world either we can’t get such companion or if we get one, s/he is not a trained counsellor having profound understanding of human nature and life.

Every individual at some point in life, find him(her)self in the role of a counsellor without having a true understanding of the concept of counselling and also at some point in life takes counselling from others, like friend, family etc. But most of the times people can’t express their secrets to them.

But professional counselling has its own edge and benefits. Professional counsellors are trained, unbiased and gives 100% guarantee of secrecy, so one can open his/her darkest feelings in front of a professional counsellor and have clear cut understanding of problem and way forward.


Something is bothering you, you are feeling depressed, going through tough mental phase, issues, break up in love relationship, fears & phobias, mental stress, memory recalling issues, going through emotional trauma or concentration problems, indecisiveness anxiety, you want to manage your stress, you want to relax , cure extreme anxiety , take some therapy for your betterment of life , be positive with positive vibes, family conflicts, behaviour problems, suicide problems, parent - child Issues , stress management , depression management,    ...  

Just give us a call , fix your appointment & feel the power of Swa-Darshana expert counselling. It is perfectly alright to have a professional help for counselling rather it is healthy habit. Burying bad emotions inside your subconscious leads to fatal chronic diseases, you can avoid many future problems with just few counselling sessions! Our positive counselling sessions will help you to know the real positive powers inside you which can fill your life with success and happiness. After just a few Swa-Darshana counselling sessions You will feel positive impact on all the aspects of your life like mental, physical, professional, family and even financial., 

So just book your appointment with our expert counsellors, happiness is just a call away.