3D-DMIA, The advanced DMIT

3D-DMIA, The advanced DMIT

Yes, we all want to know our hidden potentials so that we can work on them and reach to the optimum level of success in life.

There are many different approaches for that.

DMIT i.e. Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test or DMIA i.e. Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Analysis is one of the most popular modern and scientific approaches for this. 

In this approach an individual’s certain aspects of Intelligence and Personality are assessed on the bases of the analysis of his finger prints.

Now this DMIT has several and severe limitations.

One of the DMIT limitations is the information derived from the fingerprints represent the scenario at the time of birth as the finger prints don’t change after birth, but personality and intelligence keep on changing so it is always a big question about the applicability of this report.

So we have observed that many times DMIT fails to deliver the desired result.
In addition to this our experts found several other limitations in DMIT. 

To overcome these issues, our experts did mammoth research of years and we have come up with 3D-DMIA ie 3-Dimentional Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Analysis. 3D-DMIA is a boon for those people who really want to bring change in their lives with DMIT technology.

Swa-Darshana is the only one who has this 3D-DMIT technology in the world. And people around the world are getting benefitted by this. Pls visit our client testimony page to get a feel of our quality of service.

Note : Swa-Darshana doesn’t have any other branch other than in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
We have not tied up with any other service provider of  DMIT in ahmedabad or DMIT in Gujarat or DMIT in India or anywhere in the world. Kindly take note of this. To get the life changing experience of 3D-DMIA only insist to go with Swa-Darshana. We have not shared our technology, processes or quality standards with any other service provider. Kindly take note of this.