"*Sharing An Amazing Case, slightly long story but hope you would find it interesting.*  

Three weeks back a girl of around 30 came to my centre

While waiting in at the reception she was almost silent for around half an hour. When she entered therapy room, just in few minutes she burst into tears while narrating her story.

Three-four months back, she underwent a dreadful miscarriage at the sixth month of her pregnancy. And her problem started. No one in her family, not even her husband knew that she was going through such a deep pain. She tried sharing her problem with husband but he took it lightly assuming that with time she will be OK. Slowly she lost interest from her family life and also from her very good job in MNC. She used to be a performer before this incidence but now even a phone call from office made her go berserk. Which started building up lot of stress at work place. Stopped going to office. She started getting suicidal thoughts.  Behaviour of her mother in law and ignorance from husband made her feel lost completely.

Even she thought initially that with time she will come out of this agony but things were going bad to worse day by day and one day without knowledge of his family she booked appointment.

Initial three hours she just kept talking. She was engineer by education her level of intelligence was quite high so she tried all her logics coupled with lots of  spiritual and inspirational videos of youtube to overcome the situation, one thing she was repeatedly asking me was “why am I not able to understand?” “why my simple logics are not getting translated in my behaviour.” “Will I be ever come out of this?”

 In her first hypnosis session, she started regressing back in her life, I used affect bridge technique to reach to the core of the issue. ( in this technic therapist regresses the client back in time when s/he felt the same emotions earlier in life, and the motive is to reach to that point when those emotions are felt first time by client and start healing those emotions from there )

She kept regressing back in her early childhood and even recalled her womb stage, the period when she was in the womb of her mother. When she was in her mother’s womb she was feeling the same kind of emotions. 

She could feel what is going on outside.

She could describe her mother with great details, her long hair , beautiful physic and graceful personality, she was so happy looking at her mother !  She could see their old house, the people who used to live in that house. 

She saw, her aunts used to abuse her mother and kept taunting that “your kid is not going to come in this world as it is very weak. It will die in immature pregnancy.” Such abuses of her aunties used to make that tiny embryo feel the same pain. 

With time this emotions were buried in subconscious mind. But after this miscarriage those emotions triggered. In other words the consciousness of that unhealed embryo was still alive with the pain in this adult girl waiting to be triggered anytime.

So technically it was that baby in the womb who needed healing, and the girl was trying to deal with the present self that’s why it was not working. We healed that disturbed part of her. And now the girl is on joyful vacation with her husband.

She shared her experience with her mother, though she was not ready to believe any such thing can happen but she was also astonished listening to the descriptions given by the client about their house and family environment when she was in her womb. Her mother also confirmed that her aunts used to taunt her same way, which was never been shared with my client by anyone !

Human subconscious mind is beyond logics and our limited understanding of existence. I have full audio recording of the session.

Few key learnings :: We feel that with time we get normal, but no we just bury our disturbance in our subconscious which can get triggered anytime.

No matter how small the child is , his mind captures the things even during womb stage. So care should be taken."


With Love for all the Swa-Darshaks !


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