Our inner mechanism Homeostasis

Our inner mechanism Homeostasis


Change…it is said that ‘Change is the only constant thing in this universe.’

Change is something which we can’t avoid.

But what about the Rate of Change ie the pace at which the change arrives?

And more important, what about the direction of Change?

Being a therapist I daily meet almost half a dozen individuals who are desperate to bring some change in their lives ... by means of either changing their way of thinking or attitude or beliefs or habits …and the list is endless!

Before visiting a therapist they try several methods of adopting that change.

It can be watching motivational videos or reading self-help books or meditation or popular mind control tools or attending motivational lectures & workshops & what not.

But all of them have one problem in common. That is whatever the change they tried to bring comes for few days & eventually, it disappears! Either they are back to their previous situation or they get even worse.

So, isn’t it strange that if the change is inevitable in this universe then why we all face it so difficult to bring the change, to cope up with the change & to maintain that change? Even though we are so desperate & positive about that change on our conscious levels, why we feel it so challenging to execute it?

What is that force within us who works against this universal phenomena called… ‘Change’?

And what is the need of that drive within us?

And most important how to overcome it?

The answer of this is in our inner mechanism called ‘Homeostasis’.

Homeostasis is our deeply rooted inner drive which keeps us the way we are. Any change in the existing condition is considered as an attack by that drive. When any change takes place our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems come into action & Parasympathetic system tries hard to bring us back to our original state which it believes our ‘Safe’ Comfort zone. It can be simply understood by considering a scenario where the temperature is increased our sweat glands come into action & generates more sweat to bring the temperature back to normal. And if the temperature is reduced shivering sensations will be generated to create extra heat to keep our body temperature as it is. The force of homeostasis is such a deeply rooted in our existence. Even if you feel it is a negative character in the story of our life, but we cant survive without that force.

We are functioning like an aeroplane who is flying on autopilot mode. If any changes that autopilot detects in our ‘hard burnt’ predefined conditions, it forces the aircraft to come back to the original settings.


You can consider this as an orthodox employee who takes company SOPs and Processes so seriously that even if the CEO of the company tries to bring any change in them he works hard to reverse it!

This homeostasis has strong back up of critical filter our Mind which is supported by our Sub Conscious Mind & many times by our unconscious mind too. At times it is deeply rooted in our Muscle memories as deep as our DNA levels.

So whatever change one tries to bring in himself, all these powerful forces work extra mile to revert that change and if a person is not aware of how to deal with these powerful drives, it becomes either impossible or very stressful.

Daily giving few minutes to practice one or several techniques like Self Hypnosis, EFT, Circle therapy, Guided Imagery, Mental Bank Ledger filling or carefully designed meditation can help to deal with this challenge successfully.

So if you feel tools like motivational videos, books, workshops, counselling sessions or wellness therapies have failed to bring permanent positive change in yourself then it is most likely that you have not dealt with your Homeostasis properly. So don’t blame these tools, rather work on your homeostasis which is inside you!

With Love for all the Swa-Darshaks !


Manish Khernar, MD(AM), Hypnotherapist & Psychological Counselor

Founder of Swa-Darshana, “An Appointment with Your .. Self !”

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