Our Subconscious Mind

Our Subconscious Mind


And the traffic signal turns Green

It is a traffic signal of a busy crossroad in a metro city.

It is the time of afternoon so traffic is not that heavy, hardly 20 -25 cars were waiting eagerly for this green signal.

Kirtana was in the first row of that congregation.

As soon as the traffic signal counter hits 3...Kirtana shifted the gear and started loosening the pressure from clutch pedal…and “Ohh…” suddenly the engine of her brand new car stopped! As the car was new for her, Kirtana’s body muscles and car’s body parts were not that ‘Fine Tuned’ with each other, which caused this malfunction.

And by now the signal was already green and those ‘eager cars’ lined up behind Kirtana’s car started honking like ambulances in an emergency.

Here Kirtana was not used to the ultra silent sound of her car, it took her a couple of seconds to realize that the engine has stopped.

But by the time the dissonant sounds of loud horns started creating a sense of panic and irritation in her mind. Kirtana suddenly started feeling as if she is in the grave critical situation. Her throat began to dry up, sweat drops suddenly started appearing on her forehead, her heartbeat suddenly shoots up, shivering started in her fingers.

And all these tool few more seconds, which made the honking cars go berserk now.  Few choose to go for the adventure of changing the lane, which created more honking.

The drivers of cars crossing Kirtana’s car were giving looks to her as if she had committed a heinous crime.

And finally, Kirtana’s car engine started, which gave a little sigh of relief to her. While trying to compose herself she released the clutch carefully and with some awkward noise the car moved and crossed the signal.

All this drama just took place in 6-8 seconds, if the people were not started honking, if Kirtana would not have lost her inner stability, this would have resolved in just a couple of seconds. And the conscious of everyone knew this. Still, something made people act irrationally.

What makes us behave and react insensibly and irrationally? Which is that force who is far stronger and alert than our conscious mind which takes over our senses within no time? Who makes us dance like puppets?

The answer to all these questions is “Our Subconscious Mind”

Every emotion we experience and reaction just happens to us are nothing but the secret message from our subconscious mind. These reactions are just tips of huge hidden icebergs. At times these are not just signals, but warning signs. An indication, that something deep within us needs healing.

Pay attention to these signals. Before they get to manifest themselves in the form of physical pain, chronic illness or psychological issues. Encode these secret messages before they silently ruin your relationships, career and peace of mind. And trust me, they work so silently that if you ignore these signals, probably you might never believe the root of your manifested problem lies where!

Here I have given an example of traffic because driving is more of a subconscious act. And little careful observation of your behaviour while driving can lead us to many such encoded messages from the subconscious.

Take help from some professional hypnotherapist and decode these signals. These signals are nothing but ‘S..O…S’ calls from something deep within, which is waiting to be healed...

With Love for all the Swa-Darshaks !


Manish Khernar, MD(AM), Hypnotherapist & Psychological Counselor

Founder of Swa-Darshana, “An Appointment with Your .. Self !”

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