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सर्वं ज्ञानप्लवेनैव वृजिनं संतरिष्यसि ।। श्रीमद्भागवद्गीता ४:३६ ।।

When you are situated in the boat of transcendental knowledge you will be able to cross over the ocean of miseries.


Help people finding their lost happiness, success and emotional freedom by knowing and working on - their own-selves!

Concept of Swa-Darshana is Brain-Child of Manish Khernar, who worked dedicatedly and passionately to develop this state of art program for around half a decade with experts of various fields in India and Abroad, before presenting this to the society.

Manish Khernar is a person of incredible versatility. He is multi-talented yet simple living ground to earth, cheerful person having profound understanding of life and human psych yet a continuous learner and curious individual with good level of empathy. By qualification Manish Khernar is MD (Doctor of Medicines) in Alternate Medicines. He is specialised in Hypnotherapy and Psychological Counselling. In addition he is a writer, actor, theatre artist, thinker, blogger, spiritual seeker, trainer, public speaker, motivator, Ex-NCC cadet who represented the state nationally in the reputed events like Republic Day Parade camp, Air force Attachment Camp and All India Vayu-senik Camp and last but not the least an engineer with very bright working experience with the top Telco’s of the nations for more than a decades time he has got trained on numerous subjects by the renowned trainers of their fields and spiritual gurus of various methodologies of Sadhana and Tantra. Now Swa-Darshana has become the highly trusted and appreciated name as highly effective hypnotherapist in ahmedabad, psychological counsellor in ahmedabad with very creative approach, 3D-DMIA testing which is advanced and practical extension of DMIT and well known for customised hypnotherapy and counselling like love break up therapy, couple therapy, pre and post marriage counselling, special program senior citizen blended with expert counselling and hypnotherapy in ahmedabad.

Swa-Darshana program is designed keeping very high moral values at the core of it.

Corporate Profile :

Swa-Darshana is an initiative of The BTTCO Group.

The BTTCO Group is a renowned and trusted name in the arena of chemical exports and well known for delivering path breaking and innovative solutions to their customers since last two decades.

Team Swa-Darshana consists of highly passionate, innovative and customer centric entrepreneurs who consistently work towards achieving the new milestones in customer satisfaction and service excellence. Mr Dinesh Lunkad, Ms Neelam Khernar and Mr Manish Khernar are the Directors of The BTTCO Overseas Pvt Ltd, incorporated in the year 2013. Please visit www.bttcogroup.in.for further info.

Former Member of AHA