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Swa-Darshana !

'Swa' – Means Self and 'Darshana' – Means to meet, to observe or the philosophy.

Mankind has taken centuries to understand a fact, that root-cause of almost all human problems are within his ownself. In Swa-Darshana we have integrated several tools, starting from ancient techniques to latest modern technologies, theories and practices, which help our clients finding the answers of their problems ,confusions or worries. This is one of the best program to decide the career path and life style.

Once a person opt for Swa-Darshana program, S/he initiates a journey of transformation in life; S/he becomes Swa-Darshak!

It is something to be experienced rather than to be talked about.

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There is lot of misbelief about Hypnotism, it is not a magic trick or some dark skill, but it is a systematic approach to reach to someone's subconscious mind to alter his/her negative thought process.   [...]

Life's amazing sometimes and really hard sometimes, there are moments of loss and grief, when things just don’t go the way we thought it would have been. There are times when the family members love each other, and there are times w [...]

You can work on your Emotional intelligence to control your emotional Wellness, emotional balance and assertiveness.  Emotional wellness depends on your thought process whether it's positive or negative, You mus [...]

Workshops can actually empower you and provide a significant improvement in the bottom line of an corporate or any company. Any [...]

“Why Life puts me in the same circumstances again and again?” “Why Life is never fair to me?”  “What makes me r [...]

Married life is a challenging task, if you dont know the basic rules of the game! To live entire life with one individual involves thousands of complexities and numerous challenges and living entire life happily is a matter of skill whic [...]

Yes, though marriage is a big gamble, but proper training can increase your chance to be a winner drastically !!  Married life is a challenging task, if you dont know the basic rules of the game !! To live entire life with [...]

It is completely normal and healthy habit to regularly get professional psychological counselling. This is not about mental problem or psychological disorder; this is about getting ri [...]

Yes, we all want to know our hidden potentials so that we can work on them and reach to the optimum level of success in life. There are many different approaches for that. DMIT i.e. Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Tes [...]

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June 18, 2019




March 26, 2019

  "*Sharing An Amazing Case, slightly long story but hope you would find it interesting.*  [...]

Our inner mechanism Homeostasis

Our inner mechanism Homeostasis

April 10, 2018

  Change…it is said that ‘Change is the only constant thing in this universe.’ Change is something which we can’t avoid. [...]

Our Subconscious Mind

Our Subconscious Mind

April 3, 2018

5…4…3…2…1… And the traffic signal turns Green It is a traffic signal of a busy crossroad in a metro city. It is the time of afternoon so traffic is not that heavy, hardly 20 -25 cars [...]